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Solution-oriented art enjoyment


Everyone is unique and has a right to be happy, whether in professional or private life. Sometimes we stand in our own way or cannot see the forest for the trees. Coaching helps you get a clearer view of the things that are really important to you—your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Art broadens coaching methods and helps you achieve a change in perspective. The combination of art and coaching thus not only opens up new perspectives, it also helps to create concrete goals, resources, and actions.


Art & Coaching is one-on-one
Art & Coaching uses unusual places: museums, galleries, my studio, public space ...
Let me surprise you.


Art & Coaching is solution-oriented.
Art will be integrated into the coaching process as a third communication partner.
Integral work with art promises a playful interaction and solutions for even the most dogged challenges.
Art & Coaching offers, besides astounding depth, a special kind of art enjoyment.

- to develop new perspectives and goals
- be aware of subconscious motifs and patterns
- find concrete answers
- discover inner resistances
- allow for self-reflection
- action!

Your coach: Christine Frieb

Artist: Master of Art [Berlin University of the Arts]
Coach: Personal & Business Coach [Hamburg Academy of Adult Education]
Studies: Art, Literature, Philosophy [University of Education, Freiburg]
Interior Design [New York University & Parson School of Design, New York]
Education: Nurse [Uniklinikum Ulm]
Life: 18 years in the USA / 14 years New York City Languages: German [Mother tongue] - English [Harvard degree]

Here we go!

Call me to arrange an appointment:

Tel: +49 [0] 30 44 03 16 50

During the first meeting, we will clarify the possible course of your coaching assignment and the exact terms to determine if we want to meet and engage the coaching process together.

My honorarium is between €95 to €135 per 90 minutes.
English-speaking clients are welcome.